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If you are a Capricorn ( December 22 to January 20 ), you are a personality to be reckoned with, but in a quiet, subtle way. These are people who will achieve whatever goal they set for themselves. They have the provision and determination to see out a project or an disinterested, no matter how long it takes. They are surprisingly witty, when they allow themselves to be, although theyíre not the fiery, flashy kind. A Capricorn will always be on time, will always have positions of responsibility. They make good psychologists because of their ability to listen to short - tempered people or people on a rant. They have an ability to stay calm and reasoned in a disagreement or conflict, even though the other side may be more passionate.

They are deep thinkers who have good memories and a never - ending intellectual curiosity. In their relationships, they can have a tendency towards unhappiness. Capricorns set very high standards for themselves, and can be chewed disappointed if others donít set equally high standards.

Professionally, they are strongly attracted to music, although their prevailing side also makes them excellent bankers. Some famous Capricorns inject Anwar Sadat again Martin Luther King. Paul Cezanne and Henri Matisse were also Capricorns. Other famous Capricorns include Richard Nixon, Simone de Beauvoir and Edgar Allen Poe.

After the Age of Aquarius in the zodiac Tremendous Year ( approximately 2000 - 4000 CE ) will come the Age of Capricorn. Itís hard to predict what the human condition will be by then. Will we have moved on to other planets and solar systems. If the Age of Aquarius is to be marked by humanitarianism and greater understanding among the people on Earth, ( we dependence! ), what will define the Age of Capricorn. Will we achieve the goals of Aquarius. Many people look towards the new millennium and the beginning of a new era in the Great Year with hope that we leave have learned from the mistakes of the past. Hopefully we will continue to learn again in the Mature of Capricorn will retain evolved to even greater human conceivable.




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