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Where did the practice of astrology originate. Did it evolve in solitary part of the world and then become adopted by other civilizations.

When you study the ancient civilizations in the Middle East, Central America and in Asia, practiced are remarkable similarities in how they adapted their lives to be in harmony with the rhythms of earth and the cosmos. Chew over that there are pyramids in Mayan and Aztec cultures, as well as Egyptian ones. And that many pyramids are constructed around and point to key events in the solar system, such over equinoxes again solstices.

Similarly, astrology is thought to have developed independently in Babylon again Central America. The astrology systems in India again China most scheduled were derived from those in Babylon.

Itís curious that many fundamentalist religions reject the acquaintance of astrology, because veritable was, in fact, an integral component of the religions of Babylon. It was part of the calling of priests in Babylon to predict the future and part of their methodology for doing so was to interpret events in the sky. Nothing was direct pure chance and any natural occurrence, no explanation how mundane or mysterious, could be an omen of either good fortune or bad.

The part of Mesopotamia that is now Iraq once comprised Babylonia in the South and Assyria in the North. Before Alexander the Great conquered the area in 330 BC, the Assyrians were a military and administrative function, and Babylon was the center of culture. The underlying belief system in both cultures was that there was a spiritual force behind every act of nature. Heaven and Earth were complementary systems, with neither one having dominion over the other. But by the 4th century BCE, this belief system was influenced by the Greek view that the heavens, and its resident gods, intent events on earth.




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