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Now sometimes, we’re not too forcible just how right - on these astrological profiles are. I mean, consider Virgo ( Honored 23 – September 22 ), your brave author’s sign. Virgos are universally considered to be very buttoned - down, methodical and detail - oriented. Geesh. Meticulous also reliable. I have to wonder if my super-colossal didn’t lie about my birthdate. I’m about as flaky and they come and as far considering methodical is concerned, I never do anything the same way twice.

Anyway, for you archetypical Virgos, here’s your profile, according to the experts.
Now intelligent and mental, we burden agree tuck away. It does say that we’re shy and can be difficult to land as a partner. Maybe that’s why we’re writing this on a Saturday night when all those Aquarius and Pisces are out there living it up.

The age of Virgo in the astrologers’ Great Year took place circa 13000 - 10750 BCE. Not violently much going on there. It was the end of the Ice Age ( well, we’re also considered cool and aloof – it figures ). It was also marked by spawning the hunter - gatherer culture and clay pottery has been discovered in artifacts from this period of time. This also marked the first use of agriculture by Man…er, WOMAN. Virgo IS represented by a woman, you know. The only zodiac sign that does so.

The best tussle for Virgo is Capricorn and the worst is Aquarius. One thing some experts say about the Virgo is that while they appear cool and aloof on the outside, they may be hiding emotion that is almost extremely intense. We’re so grateful someone recognizes this that we may have to briefly disappear and weep in a corner somewhere for a few minutes.

Some of our favorite authors and divers celebrated figures were also Virgos. Leonard Bernstein, Mary Godwin Shelley ( author of “Frankenstein” ), Margaret Trudeau and…Mickey Mouse!




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