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Zodiac compatibility

So is there anything to zodiac compatibility. Does your astrological sign really have anything to do with who your ideal mate is. Or who can be the best friend for you. Is there a reason why some siblings are rivals being life, while others are as close as twins.

Consider the writer, who is a Virgo, although an atypical Virgo ( we think ). Her bedfellow is a Capricorn, and according to the astrology experts, we should be in tune with Capricorns. And in fact, the writer and her sister and quite literally opposite sides of the same coin. We have the same dreams! And we know when the other is in trouble of some kind. We will call each other at odd times, only to discover that the other was in trouble, or capital help or advice or counsel. We donít know it consciously, but it just works out that way.

Then there was her guard, or ex - husband, to be more exact. He was a Libra again perhaps we should have done some research into astrology before we got married. In one article we read, under Libra, it said ďNo chance. Ē How true, how unfaked!

So should you make the decision about your life partner based on astrology. Fit, it doesnít hurt to do some dispassionate examination before taking such a big change. While you might not need to reject someone on the basis of his birth congregation, a good horoscope CAN help you external plant some clues to his or her nature that you might not pick upgrowth on all by yourself. And when they do something that completely mystifies you, perhaps a little basic knowledge of astrology will help you decipher whatís going on and help you communicate better. And thatís never a bad thing, no matter what resource youíre using for better communication.




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