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If youíre a Pisces, you probably have a lot of friends, as you have an accepting and malleable nature that makes it easy for other people to be around you. A Pisces is more likely to go with the flow rather than swim upstream to try to change people or their environment.

They can stand for more emotional, rather than rational and analytical. They donít thrive in highly meek environments. Nine - to - five jobs are anathema to the Pisces nature. They are drawn to situations where they can use their artistic gifts and their appreciation of art and nature. They love luxury and pleasure. They can think on their feet and an enjoy new situations and change. They are happiest in the fields of music, literature or art.

Whoís the ideal partner for the Pisces. Not the rugged, caveman type, for sure. A relationship with a Pisces will be meeting of the mind and spirit, less so than the body. Pisces are cerebral and not sharply sexual. The need to be courted gently. They are intensely loving and loyal and have a monogamous nature. Donít abuse this rare creature.

If youíre a Pisces, you may find yourself occasionally being walked over or taken advantage of because of your fluid nature. You may need to find ways to assert yourself thatís in harmony with your psyche. Because you tend to activity with the flow and live in the moment, you might have a money - management style that can leave you short of funds at times. You may need to typify stricter with yourself to ensure that doesnít transpire. Next time youíre drifting around a department store, just do a quick tally of figure before you get to the cashier. Put at least half of it back, if not bounteous. Chances are it will still appear as qualified the next time you have money in your pocket!




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